Specialist Sports Therapy

It has been proven again and again that training your mind is as important as your physical training in sport. Professional sports people recognise this and use Hypnotherapy and NLP. Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP have been used in sport for a number of years. Iwan Thomas, Tiger Woods , Mike Brearley and Ian Woosnam are just a few of those who have used hypnosis.

The first documented case of hypnosis being used in sport was at the Melbourne Olympics 1956 when the Russian team employed 11 hypnotists.

We are all restricted by our physical limitations but if you free the mind from negative self-talk and can manage you anxiety and nerves, you will perform to the best of your ability.

Areas that can be helped with Hypnotherapy and NLP

  Focus on success and strategy



  Eliminate pre competition nerves


  Self belief

  Overcoming mental blocks

  Increase endurance

  Lose or gain weight

  Develop mental stamina

All sports can be improved upon including:

  • Athletics
  • Cycling
  • Equestrian sports
  • Fencing
  • Football

  • Golf
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Plus many more.

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